1868  Bobbitt - Comstock



1868-06-09  Francis Marian Bobbitt

1865-06-16  Julia Lucy Comstock  Marble Rock IW


1890-03-23  North Platte NB



1906-06-03  Oberlin Ks

1935-09-09  Oberlin Ks


1832 John William Bobbitt

1831 David Combstock


 1834 Julia Hichcock Hoyt

1832 Mary Morgan

#1 child

1891 Marvel Bobbitt Sutherland NB died at 3 mo


#2 child

1892 William Bobbitt Sutherland NB died at 1 wk?


#3 child

1893-08-27 Ray Ivor Bobbitt Southerland NB

1897-10-07  Edith Iva Danielson  Norcatur KS

#4 child

1896-02-24 Ila Alberta Bobbitt  Sand Springs Okla

1894-03-21  Rell Fredrick Landau  Kanona Ks

#5 child

1898-__-__ Earl Bobbitt  Walthal OK

Ruth Pool died 1925 Atwood KS; Otella Miller St Louis Mo

#6 child

1900-05-20  Hazel Bobbitt  Walthal OK

1904  Lee Kump  Jennings Ks

#7 child

1905-06-05  Margaret  Bobbitt   Oberlin, KS

1903  Francis Barclay  Russell KS


Fig 1     Frances Marian Bobbitt                                   Fig 2    Julia Lucy Comstock

These are "tin type" photo's the first photo's of this famlies linage


Francis Bobbitt                        Julia Comstock                                  Francis Bobbitt


back of photo                                               Frances & Julia Bobbitt

"Uncle Francis Bobbitt grandma Sheir's brother" written on back.


Nebraska at North Platte

Twenty third day of  March 1890

Francis M. Bobbitt and Julia L. Comstock

of Verdon, Nebraska  of Marble Rock, Iowa

May F. Besack, D. W. Besack Witnesses;  W. A. Amsbary, Minister


Ila and Ray Oklahoma

"The Store"  Ringwood Oklahoma  1903

Julia holding Hazel, Ila, Earl,  Ray, Frances Bobbitt

Living Quarters on second floor, those chairs were brought to Oberlin

Fellow merchant on right


Hitching posts in front, nibbled by hungry horses

Street lower than board walk

Frances, Julia with Hazel and "Old Rover" in Ringwood Okla, 1901  (Ila's note)

Christian Church of Oberlin, corner of Main (Penn Ave) and Oak St. Dedicated 1903 by Mr & Mrs Clarence Hill of Ohio (on steps) Organized by Rev W S Menzies in 1900. From original records, Ila Bobbitt was baptized Aug 12, 1906.   Photo to Ila from Hazel 1965.

Looking NW from High School at Grade School left Benton Home middle water Stand Pipe right

Decatur County High School, later extended on left and right

Good Sameritan Home is now on this site

Oberlin Mainstreet from top of Highschool looking south. Pipe at center was from Oberlin Ice Plant.

These homes were built using square nails


Fig  Anna Willson and Ila Bobbitt                           Fig  Anna (Wilson) Maben and Ila (Bobbitt) Landau

                                                                               "Taken Feb 24 1979 on my 83rd birthday in Anna's

                                                                                living room in Tulsa Okla, where I was born."


Fig __ Margrett Bobbitt at Gramdma's.  Fig __ "Danna Sleppy Smith & Margret Barclay in Ringwood Okla Sept 1979. Danna lived there all her life -- I remember her in the very early 1900's -- before we moved to Oberlin in 1904. She owns our old farm land."  Ila's note.

Helen Gragerts Eight Grade Class, Hazel Bobbitt student.

Ray’s house on left, Julia Bobbitt House center on West Commercial St., Simonson house on right.

Water was from a well in back, no running water for lawn


Ila Bobbitt                                              Ila Bobbitt


Fig __ Ila & Rell


Fig ___


Fig __   Ray, Earl & Rell                                  Earl & ???                                          Earl


Fig __ Earl & Ruth (Pool) Bobbitt’s Model-T        Fig __ Max in front of Coldrens



Fig __  Frances Barclay & Grandma Bobbitt                 Fig __ ? Boy in tree

Fig __                          Hazel,   Earl, Ila, Magaret,         Ray  &   Edith



Fig __ Chuck Barclay, Grandma Bobbitt and Don Kump              Grandma and Chuck


Warren Kump, Marjorie and Phyllis Landau

Fig __   Sunday Aug 27, 1933 Rays 40th Birthday. Taken at Rell & Ila Landau's 306 W Oak St

Fig __  The Girls,  Aug 1933;   Hazel, Otella, Julia, Margaret, Edith, Ila

            Country was in depths of depression and drought, weather was very hot....


Aug 1934

Fig __ front  Chuck and Don, middle Phyllis, Marjorie, Warren, Marba Jean, Geraldine.

          back  Darrell, Grandma, Max

1938, One of the last photo's before WW II.


Grandmother Bobbitt's Legacy

            Front Row: Jack Kump, Don Kump, Charles Barclay

Back Row: Marjorie  Geraldine  Phyllis   Warren  Marba Jean Darrell holding Dick   Max holding Barton

                 Landau   Bobbitt      Landau  Kump    Bobbitt        Landau         Barclay  Bobbitt         Bobbitt

Not present:  Judy Bobbitt and Bruce Bobbitt  of St Louis MO


Grandma Bobbitt as we knew her



Ila, Earl & Hazel find brothers grave

The last time they were all together