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Introduction      Change

Origin & Heritage

Personal Experience

Military History



Oberlin KS Museum

Oberlin KS Place of Origin

1923-1936 Grade School

19thBombGroup History Book

World Religions


Change Section

Landau Family

1937-1942 High School

1942 Authors        1945 Authors

Judaism     Christianity

Astronomy, Geology


Bobbitt Family 

1943-1945 WW2 Eng Off  B-29s

POW      Philippines

Islam   Muhammad

Chemistry, Biology


Christmas Ltrs

1946-1951 Civil Eng KS HiWay

American Guerrillas On Mindanao

Human History Authors

Physics, Anthropology



1951-1955 Proc Engr GM F-84F

European Theater





1955-1970 Res Engr MM  Missiles

Misc History & References





1970-1992 Res Engr R&D B1B C17






1992-2000 Retirement


Intelligent Design